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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Last week I went to see Anne Hathaway’s new film: One Day. I’d been really looking forward to this film and it fitted the bill perfectly.

I had heard a couple of bad reviews of the film so I wasn’t expecting much but, once you get over Anne Hathaway’s ever-changing accent, I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I should mention here that I have a tiny girl-crush on Miss Hathaway so I may be a little bit biased, I know that some of my friends didn’t enjoy the film as much.

I should also admit that I haven’t read the book (but I will soon!) so I can’t comment on how good the adaptation is but as a stand-alone film it did what I wanted it to. The plot is pretty simple; two best friends finally realise their love for each other and get together. However, the film shows the same day from each year: St. Swithin’s Day, which turns out to be important every year. I enjoyed this way of following the pair and thought it was something a bit different. Although it’s quite similar to the (500) Days of Summer format now I think about it!

I think the acting in this film is pretty top notch too, Jim Sturgess really shines through. He manages to travel through the role as Dextor goes from loveable rogue to hated rogue to loveable older guy. I must say, his grey highlights at the end of the film definitely add something! Anne Hathaway also does well in this film, although her accent is very dodgy in places! She pulls off the nerdy character at the start of the film and always keeps a bit of that girl as the years progress.

If you’re after another chick flick but with something a bit different, I definitely recommend this. It’s got romance but the new format and the darker tones in the middle of the film make it different enough from its predecessors to not be boring. I’d give it an 8/10!


  1. Great review - I agree with most of what you said.. though I think having read the book puts a slightly different perspective on it :) I loved the grey highlights lol.. SO hot!

  2. good review! i can't wait to see it still :)