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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pluck Pluck Pluck and Away!

I always thought that the dreaded 'tadpole' eyebrows were only a feature of young teenage girls; over excited by the new task of shaping their brows. Though recently i've been noticing numerous women sporting this ugly and unflattering look. Ladies! Please!

There are several different ways you can shape your eyebrows, the most popular being waxing, threading and my method of choice: tweezing. Which ever method you choice is entirely up to you, all have good and bad points. I personally choose tweezing for the simple fact that it's easy to do at home.
Obviously, if tweezing your eyebrows at home, the type and quality of tweezers you use make a huge difference. My tweezer of choice, as should your's be: is Tweezerman.
Firstly let's start with the only negative about these tweezers. The price. For those of you accustomed to spending a couple of quid on probably the cheapest pair you could find, the price may come as a shock:mostly ranging between £12-£20. Although they're definiley worth every penny! For starters they come with a lifetime guarantee and you can send them off to get them resharpened. So although it might seem a lot of money at first, they would actually work out cheaper than constantly having to replace your cheaper pairs.

The main reason I love Tweezerman tweezers? For the fact that they work on even the most stubborn type of eyebrow hair. Whether you've got fine, sparse eyebrows or thick bushy eyebrows. These are a must have! Able to grab even the smallest hair it allows you to get proffessional results at home. In fact, many beauty salons use Tweezerman tweezers. I use the slanted tweezers. These are perfect for tweezing individual hairs by using just the point, allowing you to create your perfect shape. The tweezers have a really good grip on the hair also. This helps to prevent the hair breaking, ensuring it is pulled out from the root.

Finally, another good point about Tweezerman tweezers? The design! Available in a range of colours, patterns and sizes, there really is at least one style for everyone. Easily available from Boots and online, they're definitely worth adding to your shopping list!

Top tips for the perfect eyebrow shape?
Everyone has naturally different shaped eyebrows and when shaping your own it is important to simply enhance your natural shape. Before starting, work out what length you want your eyebrows to be, where you want them to start and where you want your arch to be.
Where to start: Hold a pencil/ruler /brush (anything long and straight) against your nostrils upward to your forhead. Generally, most eyebrows start inline with the very inner corner of your eye.
The arch: Again, holding pencil/whatever you are using, hold it against the side of your nostril and rotate so that it passes through the centre of your pupil. The point at which this line hits your eyebrow, should be th highest point of your arch.
Where to end: To figure out the ideal place for your eyebrows to end. Once more hold your 'pencil' against the side of your nose and rotate so it matches up wit the outer corner of your eye.

To help you remember these positions, you can use a coloured eyeliner to mark them onto your skin.

Do not shape from above your eyebrows. However if you get alot of fine hairs above or to the side of your eyebrows, as many women/men do, consider bleaching them so they don't intefere with the neat shape of your eyebrows. Also many people tend to overpluck as they try and get rid of eyebrow hairs that are too long but aren't necessarily in the wrong place. For this, simply brush your hairs upwards and using a pair of nail scissors trim any hairs that are longer than most.
Remember your face is not perfectly symmetrical. Don't worry if you can't get your eyebrows to match exactly. 'Eyebrows should be like siblings not twins'.
My concluding toptip? Upkeep is essential. Trust me it's alot easier to pluck a few hairs on a regular basis, even if this means everyday, this saves effort and time, rather than letting your eyebrows grow and then having to completley reshape them.

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