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Monday, 29 August 2011

Teen Spirit Smells Like...

...Sweat, beer, wee and fireworks. This weekend I went to Leeds Festival with a few of my friends and it was completely incredible. It was my first festival so I was a bit wary to begin with but the smell and the awful toilets are definitely worth it!

We arrived at Bramham Park (after the coach ride from hell) at about 11 complete with bags full of baby wipes, food and a tent and, after getting our ultra-cool wristbands, set off in search of the perfect spot to set up camp. After much huffing, puffing and lugging we found it. Just far enough away from the toilets so we couldn’t smell them, close to the water taps and only 5 minutes walk from the arena itself.

Over the weekend I saw a lot of amazing bands so I’m just gonna give you a run down of my top five. In reverse order, in true TOTP style…

5. Frank Turner
This guy was absolutely incredible. He had the unfortunate job of playing when it had been raining all day and everybody was down in the dumps but he managed to get the crowd dancing. I love the realism of his lyrics and it was the perfect music to cheer everybody up.

4. The Vaccines
I absolutely adore this band and I’ve been desperate to see them live since I heard their album. The boys did not disappoint and Justin Young was the perfect frontman. They played a brand new track and it sounds like the band have got more of the same up their sleeves.

3. My Chemical Romance
Okay, so this might seem a bit out of character for me but I absolutely loved MCR when I was 13 so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live out the dream and see them live. They headlined the Saturday night and they had a tough job outdoing Muse’s set from the night before but they definitely did themselves justice.

2. Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit
This wonderful man and his band were on after My Chemical Romance and I dragged my tired and begrudging friends to go and see him. It was definitely worth the loss of 45 minutes sleep. I’ve been wanted to see Johnny Flynn for a long time and it topped off my Saturday.

1. Pulp
Two words. Jarvis Cocker. The guy is the epitome of front man, it seemed like he was just making casual conversation with the crowd before thrusting like mad during the songs. It seemed like the whole of the festival had turned out to see the original indie band and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible.

In fact, the atmosphere over the whole weekend was brilliant. Some of my favourite moments happened in between bands. The whole of the crowd singing Bohemian Rhapsody before My Chemical Romance for example, or the security guards doing dances for us before the Strokes. Ignore all the horror stories you hear about festivals, there’s such a sense of community. Even if most of that community are drunk most of the time, everyone’s there for the same reason; to enjoy a bit of live music.


  1. i have never been to a festival before - while I am pretty easy going and would like to give it a try, i am really a neat and tidy freak - the thought of the awful toilets and not washing does throw me a bit.... bet that sounds like I'm SO high maintenance lol :o but what do u think, would u recommend the experience?

  2. yes, definitely. there are showers there but they're quite far from the campsites but if you don't mind walking then that's fine :)
    also you can just wash your hair at the water taps, and my friend took a bowl and a flannel to have a wash every day.
    the campsite toilets were terrible, i have to say but there were portaloos in the arena which is where you are most of the time.
    it's all worth it for the music though, and the atmosphere is brilliant :)