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Monday, 22 August 2011

Hydrated and happy!

Warning: This post does talk about feet!(No feet photos though,blah)

Ok, so lately my feet have been really dry!(is this just me??) I'm not sure why but they constantly look dehydrated which as you can imagine is not an attractive look, especially in flipflops. And so, i have become obsessed with moisturising my feet. My favourite new found hobby? Well, i don't actually know if there's a name for it but i call it 'moisture socks'! Basically, before i got to bed, i get a really thick moisturiser and keep working layers into my feet. I keep going till literally my skin can't absorb anymore. Then, i simply put on my socks to lock in all the moisture and go to sleep. When i wake up my feet are gloriously moisturised and happy :)

It's not just my feet that have been rather dry though lately but my lips aswell(i know it's a  true tragedy). I tend to get alot of dry skin on my lips. I find the best way to get rid of this is to exfoliate. I do this a few different ways:
1) Simply use your face exfoliator over your lips. It couldn't be any easier!
2)Use a toothbrush aand well, brush your lips. I find this the most effective way when you have a lot of dry skin.
3)Take a cotton bud and put a bit of lipbalm on it. Then twist it quite firmly into the lips. This is really useful if you've got flaky lips and it also helps work the lipbalm into your lips better so it's more effective.

A bit of a random post but hopefully some will find it useful :)

We'd love to read about any of your beauty tips in the comments below. Hope you have a happy and hydrated week!

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  1. Feet are often the most hardworking part of our body, yet we often ignore/overlook them and deprive them of much needed TLC. poor feet :( The moisture sock seems like a good idea lol - could catch on if you ask me :) thanks for the advice! x