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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'...

…to Bombay Bicycle Club. Sorry for the false advertising but this is, in fact, a review of the London band’s brand spanking new single. And, once more, it will be more of a rave than a review. I am completely in love with this track, it sounds like summer is here (although a look out the window confirms that the glorious sun still has not arrived).

The piano riff intro instantly had me dancing when I heard it and the rest of the song does not disappoint. The simple rhythm guitar and bouncy bass part don’t detract from the gorgeous riff at all, but add enough difference to allow for it to be stripped back in the bridge. The middle section again allows the riff to dominate but the string synth over the top and the softer vocal allow for a bit of variety within the song.
The lyrics are surprising because they seem to be about losing a relationship which doesn’t seem to fit the upbeat feel of the music but the ethereal way in which they’re delivered just adds another lovely layer to the rest of the song.

When the sun finally comes out (okay, I know it’s never coming, this is England after all) this will definitely be my summer soundtrack and I cannot wait for the new album. I love Bombay Bicycle Club and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already!
Also, look out for Lucy Rose in the video; she's been a backing singer for the band and is now starting to make a name all for herself in the folk scene.


  1. sounds lovely! <3

  2. it is! can't stop listening to it :)