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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Store Card Blues

As you may have guessed from the numerous amounts of CDs, I spend a lot of money in HMV. So, when they brought out their ‘pure hmv’ store card I got very excited. From the look of the leaflet I was expected fun, free things and endless amounts of joy to pour out of the plastic card, but no such luck.

In reality, HMV’s points card is a bit pointless. You get a point for every penny you spend, which is really good in comparison to some other store cards, where this one falls down is that the points themselves are pretty useless.

Just £2 store credit is 10000 points, which involves spending a lot of money when you don’t get a lot back. However, credit is not the only thing you can buy in the pure HMV ‘arena’. There are exclusive and exciting other things in the arena, I was told. Not so, I’m afraid. It’s pretty much just posters, which are all well and good but I could have bought them without going through the hassle of buying a card.

Basically, HMV have finally let me down. The card is not all that, and if you haven’t got one I wouldn’t change that. Then again, all store cards have their downfalls, so check it out for yourselves and see if it could be worth it for you. 


  1. wow that's a stingy store card. by my experience, boots is one of the best ones going.... xx

  2. yeah, boots is definitely a good'un! (: x