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Monday, 15 August 2011

A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Cambridge to be exact. With results day looming ever nearing and the summer drawing to a close my family decided that this weekend would be the perfect time to take ourselves off for the weekend. Now, we’re not a family that does impromptu holidays well or often so on Saturday morning there was a definite feeling of panic in the house, but once we were out and on our way all our anxiety seemed to melt away.

However, this bliss was tainted with anxiety for me as I’m looking at going to Cambridge University the year after next. So, when we parked up we headed for Emmanuel College to have a look around and I absolutely fell in love with it. 

From the front it looks like your typical old, grand, Cambridge college but once you get through those arches there’s a wonderful paddock, even a pond with ducks! Also Emmanuel is home to the world’s oldest outdoor swimming pool that’s still in use (although it’s been renovated a fair few times).

After having had our fill of the college we strolled through the beautiful town itself. If you’re a sucker for old architecture like me then I definitely recommend a trip into Cambridge. But the buildings aren’t all the place has to offer, there were loads of buskers around which gave the town a really lively feel. We even found one guy playing guitar in a very odd place…

Also while strolling through town we came across a most wondrous delight…Mr Simm’s  Olde Sweet Shoppe! I couldn’t resist these peanut m&m’s…

Then, after an amusing half hour watching the punters crash and climb and all sorts in the river we headed to our hotel and had a much needed rest. I absolutely loved Cambridge and now really have my heart set on going there, fingers crossed for results day!

Photographs courtusey of my lovely sister Danni!


  1. Heyyya! Good luck with your results! :) You sure will do fine. ! x

  2. lovely photos and good luck with your results hope you've got good ones and thankyou that's what i thought too. don't think i could go purple all over!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  3. Awh, thanks!
    yeah, results weren't too bad thank you!

    fab blog :) x