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Friday, 5 August 2011

So, as promised, here's our review of the Collection 2000 lasting colour nail polishes. Obviously the main selling point of these varnishes is the price! £2.99 people! Easily availbale at Boots and Superdrug, it's perfect for picking up on a wim one day. I was actually given a couple as a birthday gift and was more than pleasantly surprised. As many people do, i always tend to favour more expensive cosmetic products assuming that they'll be of better quality. However price is not always a reflection of quality, as this product shows.

That said there is one problem with these nail varnishes: the brush. The brand sells it as a 'one stroke'  maxi brush. Clearly the intention of this design is to speed up the process and help lesson mistakes. Although in my opinion it does the exact opposite of this. I'm sorry to say but the brush is just a teenie bit too fat for my personal liking. Yet in a strange way i find it often helps me make less mistakes, as i'm taking more care and thinking about what im doing. Also, if you have large nails, you probably will like the brush.

The main thing that i love about these is that they only need one coat, which actually lasts. I wore my silver nail polish for 5 days without topcoat before it started to wear and chip. Although Collection 2000 advertise that it should last for ten. Why they have done this, i don't know because i am yet to find any nail polish that remains in an acceptable state for ten days!
I currently only have two colours,both of which are metallic. As i said earlier, the price is a major selling point and yes i'll admit while both of my polishes when applied to the nail are vivid and opaque; they don't quite match the smooth subtle glossy shimmer of say a Chanel nail polish but you cant really complain when they're ;ess than a quarter of the price of a Chanel polish. Overall i'm really glad i tried these polishes and will definilty be getting some more! I don't care if it's sad, i can't wait to try out some more colours. The only problem is: which one?

I can see these becoming my go to nail polish brand. What's your favourite nail polish brand? Leave a comment telling us or letting us know any that you're keen to try and we'll be sure to review!

Currently Boots is running a 2 for £5 deal on all Collection 2000 Cosmetics.
To see what the nail polishes look like on the nail, check out our last nail art tutorial which features 'Stardust' as the base colour.

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