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Monday, 25 July 2011

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

So we're back with another nail tutorial. This week, it's leopard print! As always this design can be adjusted to include whatever colours you fancy.

After having applied a base coat, apply a colour of choice. I used a silver nail polish from Collection 2000(expect a review very soon). I only applied one coat but depending on what nail varnish you are using you may want to apply to for greater opacity.

Once you have painted all your nails in your base colour; in a different colour add some random dots onto your nails. It’s up to you how many dots you have and where you place them, obviously it will depend on the size and length of your nails.
For my dots I chose a contrasting colour, to make my leopard print more vibrant and noticeable. However, for a more subtle look simply choose more tonal colours.
For the next part I would recommend using a nail art pen (Models Own sell some which are easy to find at Boots stores) if you don't have one, cocktail sticks also work well and allow for more accuracy than a normal nail polish brush due to their fine tip.

Nows for the detail of the print. I like to start by drawing semicircular shapes around the dots. After doing this I then repeat the semi circular shapes on the rest of the nail and fill any spaces with dashes and dots. It should look random and doesn't need to be perfect as no leopard's print is perfect; that's just nature. Enjoy!

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