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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Smooth as an...Egg?

One reason to love summer is the excuse it gives us to wear a whole new variety of footwear! Any excuse for new shoes is always welcome; especially the kind where I get to show off my nail polish as well!

Although, a word of warning; it’s not just your nail polish that needs to be in tip top condition. In order to successfully pull off the summer sandal, please make sure that your heels are also in tiptop condition.
Heels?! Yes, heels. That often neglected, forgotten part of your foot. I wonder how many of you, if you looked down at your heels right now, would like what you see?  Repeat after me; cracked heels covered in hard skin are not chic!
Don’t worry though, I’ve found a tool that will make all that nasty disappear, in a matter of minutes.
The PedEgg! That’s right. The one off those annoying, cheap JML adverts. Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; don’t judge a product by its advert. It’s actually rather good!
First of all, let me describe to you exactly what the pedegg is (the names not overly self explanatory. Pedegg?! Catchy but it sounds like nonsense) There are two parts to the ped egg. The main part of the ped egg is what I call ‘the grater’.  It literally is like a fine cheese grater but for your foot. Though don’t worry, it’s not painful and is very effective at removing layers of hard skin. The ‘grater’ also has a ‘pod’ attached to it. Supposedly, to catch all the dead skin in. While the ‘pod’ does definitely help to catch some of it; when you use the pedegg at different angles some skin is not caught or it tends to fall out. To rectify this problem, I would simply recommend when using the pedegg to place a piece of tissue beneath your foot to catch any skin. I personally don’t think you can hold this against the ped egg as it definitely helps to catch some of the skin and so is better than an average foot file in that respect, even though the pod is not quite as effective as it claims. Though I like the fact that at least they tried. Let’s be honest, as disgusting as it is, filing your foot is simply a messy job.
The pedegg also has a lid to it. This covers the grater so you don’t scratch your finger on it when rooting around in the drawer for it. On the one side of the lid is a buffer. This is useful after having used the grater helping to give a smooth finish.
I would definitely recommend a pedegg to anyone suffering from cracked heels.
TopTip: Apply a rich nourishing moisturiser to your heels every couple of days for longer lasting results.

If my Pedegg went missing I would definitely buy again! Enjoy your summer sandals!

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