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Friday, 8 July 2011

Lets Twist Again!

Once again this may be more of a rave than a review. Though I will say that it’s not often, that I am disappointed in products as before I make a purchase, I always research it and read reviews online. Even if it’s only cheap as I hate wasting money!

Today’s post is all about the Babyliss Conical wand . Recently (well actually for quite a long time now, rather annoyingly) I have been growing my hair out. As I’m not having my hair cut as regularly it’s currently in that annoying stage where it hasn’t really got an exact style. So as you would expect bad hair days are aplenty. Although the number has significantly reduced since discovering this amazing hair tool.

Now, I’m someone who is quite lazy with my hair. Especially as I dance a lot, so am always having to have my hair tied back, I don’t really see the point in spending ages styling my hair. Plus, let’s be honest; who has that much time in a morning?

The real beauty of the Babyliss Conical wand is that it’s so easy and so quick to use. Also, you can create a variety of looks with it from tight spiral curls to loose beachy waves.  It also works on a variety of hair lengths. I first decided to try a conical wand when I had had my hair cut short. Traditional curling tongs didn’t seem to give a proper curl, without having it looked over styled. I thought of trying a conical wand, as it more tapered and is easier to wrap the hair around tighter. When using traditional tongs, you have to clip in your hair before rolling the tongs upwards, which is difficult to do with shorter hair, as you don’t always have enough length.

The reason I chose the Babyliss conical wand was that it was reasonably priced, easy to get hold of and was from a brand that I already trusted. It also comes with a heat protective glove. I don’t tend to use the glove that often now but I would definitely recommend wearing it the first few times you use the wand as it is easy to burn yourself.

Below are some pictures of random curls that i did, just to show you the type of curl you can achieve. Obviously they would look better when your whole hair is done and once they have been brushed out slightly so they look more natural.

Toptip: Hold the conical wand upside down so the widest part is at the top. This will give your curl a better shape.

Tighter curls created with thin sections of hair

less defined curls created with large sections of hair

I find that even loose curls last all day. I love this conical wand! It might just possibly make my desert island list.

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