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Monday, 4 July 2011

Retail Therapy

Over the past few weeks my time has been filled with looking round and thinking about university. Where to go and what to do at uni is one of the biggest decisions a person has to make, and with the new fees there’s even more to think about.

Yesterday, after an unproductive look round Birmingham University, I popped into the bull ring for a teensy bit of retail therapy. I didn’t buy much but I got a couple of things that I wanted and it really cheered me up.

I finally got Everything Everything’s Man Alive, Torches by Foster The People (expect reviews soon!) and an oversized t-shirt (fiver in the sale from new look – yay!) that I like to think is a new take on the ‘I Love London’ tops.
Man Alive - Everything Everything, £3 from HMV
Torches - Foster The People, £6.99 from HMV
Royal Heart Tee, £5 from New Look
These few simple purchases released that all-too-familiar bout of happiness that comes from spending money you really shouldn’t on things you want but really don’t need. I find it fascinating how the exchange of cash into possessions can lift that black cloud over your head and bring the sun out – but I’m certainly not going to complain!

However, I’m finding recently that I keep buying new things and then remembering something that I’ve wanted for months and having no money left to get it with. I was thinking of ways to try and combat this and have decided to start making an ‘I Want’ list. Everytime I see something new I want I’ll put it on the list so I can plan what I want, and buy it (or put it on my birthday list…) and nevermore be disappointed by my short-term memory. The list is looking pretty long at the minute, but hopefully it’ll help me get everything eventually!


  1. Gute idee. My wishlist would be endless though 2bh. And it constantly changes so I'd end up deleting stuff all the time.

    p.s. sorry if it disappoints you that this is me XD

  2. Yeah, but that's the beauty of it! You can just change it as your wants change.