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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fake Tan: my new accessory?

So, it’s the beginning of June which means summer has finally arrived! Well apparently. As I’m writing this post it is in fact tipping it down outside (us British really do like to talk about the weather don’t we?!)

No fear! As always there is a cheat to make it feel like summer: Fake Tan.

For me, those two are dreaded words. Just hearing the words fake tan makes me cringe, that said I always find it intriguing, browsing the isle every time I pop into Boots. I was naturally quite tanned when I was younger but recently have gone very pale and whilst I love pale complexions on me it merely highlights my redness and uneven skin tone. Obviously I’m not a fan of sunbathing as UVA/UVB sunrays are so damaging on your skin, causing premature ageing and increasing risk of skin cancer (Sunscreens are essential! Even if you don’t burn easily) and so really the only option left to give my skin a nice subtle summer glow is; fake tan. However please note the word ‘subtle’! The reason fake tan conjures up such horrid images in my head is because so many girls and guys seem to enjoy a rather luminescent orange glow. Even worse, they enjoy a streaky, patchy, uneven luminescent orange glow.

Yet where there’s a will there’s a way!

Simple: use a gradual tanning moisturiser. But... I’m far too lazy to apply everyday and far too impatient to wait for the colour to build up. However, I have found a solution which as obvious as it sounds many of you may not have thought of it. Instead of using the suggested colouring for my skin tone I simply use one shade darker, so instead of using fair I use medium, I personally have been using Dove but you can choose whatever brand you prefer. Choosing only one shade darker means that it’s not too dark especially as it’s already mixed with moisturiser, saving the hassle of doing it myself, yet after only two uses the colour builds up to a deep enough colour. The fact that it’s gradual means that you have more control of the build up of colour helping to prevent it from turning too orange. It also means that if you’re not very well practised with fake tan and tend to make mistakes at least they are less noticeable. Although, don’t be fooled by the word ‘gradual’ it’s still not fool proof and I would recommend using an exfoliator before hand concentrating on the knees and elbows and any where specific that you get dry and rough skin. Personally, my favourite body scrub is Clinique’s.

Another good point is that you don’t need to moisturise as well afterwards(I really am quite lazy)as well as the fact that it sinks in quick like a regular moisturiser. This means you don’t have to stand around (rather awkwardly) naked waiting for fake tan to dry and you won’t get orange stained bed sheets or towels. Also, I find that it doesn’t smell as strong as regular fake tans even with regular use.

Anyway, enough babbling. This is just an idea that I’ve found works for me and so thought I’d share but there’s nothing wrong with full on fake tan or pale complexions, it’s simply a matter of whatever your heart desires.

Toptip: to prevent orange palms wash hands well after application then take a cotton wall disk and run over the hole where the product is dispensed from, as there is usually some extra product sitting around the edges. Then sweep the cotton wall pad over the tops of your hands to ensure that they blend in with the rest of your body.

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