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Monday, 20 June 2011

Un Bon Iver...

So, today my ticket to see Bon Iver in November dropped through my letterbox and it got me to thinking what an excellent winter for music I’ve had (geddit? Iver? sounds like the French for winter? No? okay…).

Over the past year I’ve managed to almost double my music catalogue and I’ve been introduced to, and fallen in love with, many new bands and artists. I’m particularly pleased with the amount of live music I’ve managed to see this year, my last concert being the wonderful Noah and the Whale at birmingham’s hmv institute.

For me, there is nothing better than live music. The thrill that comes from the lights going down, finding the attractive roadie, the unanimous yell that brings the band back on stage. There’s nothing like complaining about back ache, coldness and pins and needles for two hours while you wait for what is inevitably a disappointing support band. There’s nothing like having to yank your shoes from the beer-stained floor to sorrowfully make your way out.

Basically, I just want to use this post as a chance to reflect on the fantastic artists that I’ve managed to get to see over the past year and a bit, so here’s some photos:
Calvin Harris at the O2 Academy, Birmingham

Mumford & Sons at Wolverhampton Civic

Vampire Weekend at the Wolverhampton Civic

Brandon Flowers at the O2 Academy, Birmingham
Ben Folds at the HMV Institute, Birmingham

Noah and the Whale at the HMV Institute, Birmingham

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